Every child learns a physical skill at his or her own pace. The swimming lessons we offer help each child to recognize his or her full swimming potential at a comfortable speed. Our lessons are divided according to skill as well as age. When parents register for lessons they are asked a series of questions that will help our experienced front desk staff determine into which level the child should be placed. When a child has successfully demonstrated that he or she can complete each of the skills for his current level, the instructor will promote him or her to the next level. Report cards and skill ribbons are a great way for children to celebrate their new found accomplishments.

Sea Star's instructors go through a rigorous training program that enables them to assist your child through each of the levels. Parents, children, and instructors feel a sense of pride as a child progresses into the next level.  



Sea Squirt 1 (6 mo - 36 mo) ratio - 8:1  

This is our parent/child class.  A mother, father, grandparent, or other care giver participates in the pool along with baby.  Our instructors teach water adjustment skills that help the little ones become acclimated with the pool environment.  Skills learned in this class include water safety, blowing bubbles, floating, horizontal body positioning, and submersion.  Babies who have successfully completed this level should be able to climb out of the pool, rotate from a face down position to a face up floating position, swim a distance of 3 - 5 feet unassisted, and sit on the steps for a length of time.   This is a great time for parents to bond with their children while learning a lifelong skill. 

Sea Squirt 2 (30 mo - 36 mo) ratio - 3:1

This level is intended for children who have successfully completed the Sea Squirt 1 class and are ready to transition into a class without a guardian in the water. Children in this class progress to swimming 5 to 8 feet independently with a focus on learning to consistently roll over to get a breath in the floating position. These children also work on pool entry and exit, retrieving toys from the pool floor, as well as continuing to work on their lifesaving techniques. 

Starfish (3/4) (5/6) (7+) ratio - 4:1

Our starfish class is for the children that come to us with little to no swimming experience.  Students in this class may also have difficulty with separation anxiety and need a little extra compassion in their lessons.  The instructors use this class to focus on water adjustment as well as basic lifesaving skills.  Children should become comfortable in the water and learn skills such as entering and exiting the pool, blowing bubbles, kicking, submersion, gliding and the beginning steps of floating on their backs.  


Goldfish (3/4) (5/6) (7+) ratio - 4:1  

Children assigned to this level usually have little swimming experience but have completed the Starfish level or have taken lessons elsewhere.  The key emphasis in this class is learning respect for the water along with all of the safety skills that accompany it.  Children learn to float on their backs for safety before learning to roll from a face down to a face up position in the water.  The lessons focus on glides, kicking, breath control, using “big arms,” retrieving toys from under the water, and entering and exiting the pool. 

Clownfish (3/4) (5/6) (7+) ratio - 4:1  

This is the class where you start to see your swimmer making their way across the pool.  These children have mastered the art of propelling themselves through the water and are beginning to perfect their breathing techniques.  This class perfects arm motions as well as kicking form and glides.  Children also learn how to easily get a breath by rolling to their backs and then back to their stomachs to consistently travel the width of the pool on their own.  Once they can rollover independently side-breathing is introduced. When the student can swim the width of the pool and back with side-breathing they are ready to move to the Seahorse level.


Seahorse (3/4) (5/6) (7+) ratio - 4:1  

When children achieve promotion into this class they have already been introduced to side-breathing, otherwise known as freestyle.  The instructors at Sea Star have many drills to assist each student to transition from rolling over to turning to the side for a breath.  Students also practice treading water, and better backstroke technique. Also, in the Seahorse level you should see your student pushing off the wall in streamline position and butterfly kicks are introduced.

Angelfish (5/6) (7+) ratio - 4:1  

Swimmers in this class have shown a proficiency for freestyle and backstroke and are ready to continue their education in butterfly. Along with butterfly, this class works on perfecting students’ other skills as well as learning the basics for both freestyle flip-turns.

Dolphin (5/6) (7+) ratio - 4:1  

After accomplishing the task of understanding the concept of butterfly we promote our students to the Dolphin level where they begin to learn breaststroke, backstroke flip-turns, and continue working on treading water.  In this level the students begin to build their endurance in anticipation for the shark level and the individual medley. 

Shark (7+) ratio - 4:1  

This level is for swimmers interested in perfecting their strokes and times.  They must have a strong working knowledge of all 4 strokes to be placed in this level.  The instructors tailor this class to the refinement of the strokes that the student most needs.  Individual Medley and longer endurance swims as well as technique are a big focus of the Shark level.

Adult Lessons ratio - 3:1  

These classes are divided into beginner and advanced levels. The instructors for the adult lessons help clients with everything from overcoming fear of the water to stroke correction and time improvement for triathletes. 

Swim Team Prep ratio - 6:1  

Sea Star swimmers have the swim team advantage because our hour long swim team prep course focuses on starts, flip turns, finishes, circle swimming, taking directions from a coach, swimming for speed, and endurance. Swim Team Prep is offered every Tuesday at 7pm, Thursday at 4pm, and Saturday at 12pm. If your child is out of practice, or has never been on a swim team before, this class is the perfect way to prepare before the season starts. This class runs during the school year, September through April only. Hurry and sign up today! Click here for more information.


FAST TRACK ratio - 2:1  

This class is for swimmers interested in learning at an advanced rate. Fast track is a 20 minute lesson, for 2 kids only, and it is required to be taken 2 times per week. Fast Track lessons are offered Mon - Thursday in the early afternoon and evening. Because of the low teacher to student ratio and the teaching styles of the coaches we have seen students advance very quickly when enrolled in the fast track program. This class is offered year around!



This program starts March 2018 and run through August 2018. Intensives are 2 weeks sessions that run Monday - Thursday, for a total of 8 lessons. Each day includes a 30 minute lesson with a maximum of 4 kids to a class. A Report Card is issued at the end of each Intensive Session. These classes are for swimmers interested in learning at an advanced rate and because of the intensity of the back to back classes, we have seen students advance very quickly when enrolled in the intensive program.


Report Card

Our report card is completed several times throughout the year and at the end of each Intensive. For each level the student must complete a list of skills before they can move on to the next level. Please know it is very common for a student to repeat a level several times before accomplishing all of the skills in a level; we do not consider this as failing a level, instead we try to focus on all of the small accomplishments within each level that the student has completed!


1.) Unassisted entry/exit 2.) Assisted back float 3.) Glide with assistance 4.) Blowing bubbles 5.) Monkey Walks unassisted 6.) Assisted Humpty Dumpty 7.) Submersion 8.) SAFETY: Be cool, follow the rules!


1.) Glides from instructor TO step 2.) Glides from step to instructor 3.) Glides with proper kick 4.) Glides with proper kicking and assisted rollover 5.) Introduction to big arms 6.) Big arms and kicks with assisted rollover 7.) Back float independently 8.) Independent Humpty Dumpty 9.) SAFETY: Be cool, follow the rules!


1.) Big arms 5 - 8 feet independently 2.) Proper demonstration of big arms 3.) Independent roll over 4.) Kicking on back 5.) Big arms and rollover the width of the pool 6.) Big arms and rollover the width of the pool and back 7.) Side breathing the width of the pool unassisted 8.) SAFETY: Look before you leap!


1.) Side breathing length of pool (assisted) 2.) Side breathing length of pool (unassisted) 3.) Freestyle length of pool 4.) Backstroke kicks 5.) Backstroke arms 6.) Proper demonstration of backstroke 7.) Proper streamline off the wall 8.) Introduction to butterfly kicks 9.) SAFETY: Reach or throw, don't go.


1.) Backstroke with rolling shoulders 2.) Butterfly kicks 3.) Butterfly arms 4.) Butterfly rhythm 5.) Proper demonstration of butterfly 6.) Freestyle flip turns 7.) SAFETY: Don't just pack it; wear your jacket!


1.) Breaststroke kicks 2.) Breaststroke arms 3.) Breaststroke timing 4.) 2 lengths of butterfly 5.) 2 lengths of backstroke 6.) 3 lengths of freestyle with flip-turns 7.) Backstroke flip turn 8.) 100 individual medley 9.) Tread water (5 minutes) 10.) SAFETY: Swim with a buddy in a supervised area.


1.) 200 meter Individual Medley 2.) 5 minute endurance swim 3.) 4 lengths freestyle with flip-turns 4.) 4 lengths backstroke with flip-turns 5.) 4 lengths breaststroke 6.) 4 lengths butterfly 7.) SAFETY: Learn about boating before you go floating

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