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Brian, Dad Posted April 18, 2018

My 6month old started lessons in a class called Parent and Child, I just love the attention my son and I received from Coach Chrystal. In no time my baby was floating and I was thrilled money well spent.

Joan, Burns Posted April 18, 2018

I have 2 boys 4 and 6yrs and neither one could swim, After 2 months at Sea Star intensives both boys could swim back stroke and freestyle. Just amazing, I love the coaches and surroundings clean and fresh.

Mina, Mother Posted September 01, 2017

Even though this place is a twenty minute drive for me. Both my older daughters 8 & 5 started here at age 2.5 students of coach Katie are now amazing swimmers and part of a swim team. I love this place and believe in their dedication and abilities so much that now my third daughter who is 2.5 is learning how to swim here. I get complimented on my girls swimming all the time. I owe it all to Sea stars amazing coaches. Thankyou coach Katie and your team.

Anne , Mother Posted June 13, 2017

My son is currently enrolled in private lessons with Coach Katie. We are so happy with his progress since starting these lessons. Before his first lesson, he only swam with puddle jumpers on and was afraid of putting his face under water. Today was his third lesson and he was able to swim short distances from the steps to his coach. We were astounded by how much Coach Katie has taught him in such a brief period of time. We strongly recommend Sea Star for anyone looking for swim lessons and will be starting our daughter when she is old enough.

Christian, Dad Posted June 10, 2017

We had an excellent experience. We left HSC, due to issues and could not have been welcomed or treated better by Sea Star. Plus, my daughter's progression was much faster with the Sea Star teachers. I completely recommend this school.

NuNa, Mom Posted May 19, 2017

Great place to start for Swim lessons! This is a nice and friendly environment, Great coaches and great staffs. Both of our kids are really love it and always enjoy coming here!!!

Adam, Dad Posted April 11, 2017

I can't imagine a better swim school! The teachers are dedicated to making them comfortable in the water and know and how far when to push them so they reach their full potential. We love it!

Tamiko, Mom Posted August 12, 2016

Awesome place to learn to swim and great family Friday fun!

Charlie W., Father Posted April 13, 2016

Ranelle at front desk knows what she is doing. She treats us so nice every time we walked in the building. Coach Kiara is my daughter's favorite. She is so nice that my daughter only wants her instruction. Too bad we left for family issue. We will come back in the future.

Julissa, Mom Posted July 28, 2015

My son is 4 years old and is progressing nicely he loves Coach Alex.

Alpa, K, Mom Posted March 17, 2015

We finally found a place where my children are comfortable to learn to swim. Melissa is a wonderful instructor. Very patient and supportive and did an excellent job training my kids.

Herlinda Ordonez, Mom Posted September 22, 2014

I love how they teach my children at swimming. Whenever we go to a public pool they swim as they were over there.

LoWanda, Mom Posted December 05, 2013

I love this place, my children love Melissa, she knows how to talk to them and teach them the right way. If it weren't for her, i don't know where my kids would be as far as swimming. We love you!

H. Booker, Grandmother Posted July 22, 2013

My gransdson, Jordan 1st day at Sea Star was a great deal of enjoyment for him. He did not want to leave when time came for him to be picked up, although we did finally got him in the car. He can't wait until he returns. This makes me so happy!

Daphne M., Mother Posted November 14, 2012

My two daughters love the gymnastics coaches!!! Every week they can't wait until Saturdays so they can go to class. I can tell the coaches have a lot of fun with the children during class, they genuinely care about the kids. I am grateful to the coaches for the increase in my daughters' self confidence, their overall coordination, and their love of a new sport. My girls love Sea Star so much that they want to have their next party in the gym. Thank you Sea Star for having such amazing staff we always feel at home here!!!

Janice H., Mother Posted August 09, 2012

My children have attended swimming, gymnastics & summer camp at Sea Star and it has been a fantastic experience. My eldest started in a parent and child class and now participates in the swim team class (& he loves every minute of it!) I start my twins in a week & mommy can't wait!!! FABULOUS SWIM SCHOOL!!!

Carleen, Mother Posted August 09, 2012

My son, Felix, has been taking swim lessons at sea star for almost a year now and he swims pretty good for a 3 yr old.He has Ryan as his instructor,except for when he did private lessons with Melissa during Christmas break.We love the patience the staff has with the younger children who are easily distracted.We are glad we chose sea star, my son thinks Ryan and Melissa are the best, he also like Ms.Courtney at the front desk, he loves trying to scare her.Sea star is very child friendly and I would recommend it to anyone who wants their child to learn to swim the correct way without any stressful situations. It's learning and fun at the same time! Carleen

Ana J, Mother Posted August 09, 2012

Love this place! I enrolled my daughter for summer swimming classes & she loves it! The coaches are awesome as well as the staff. Very friendly & accommodating. The place is clean & they are very big on safety. I would definitely recommend this place & will keep them in mind for their gymnastics & cheerleading program. A big thank you to Coach Jackie, Coach Hanna, & front desk staff for making my daughter's summer swim experience a very fun & memorable one!

Ana J., Mother Posted August 09, 2012

Love this place! I enrolled my daughter for summer swimming classes & she loves it! The coaches are awesome as well as the staff. Very friendly & accommodating. The place is clean & they are very big on safety. I would definitely recommend this place & will keep them in mind for their gymnastics & cheerleading program. A big thank you!

Anonymous , Grandmother Posted July 05, 2012

We are completing our first session of lessons and my 3 year old grandson has made tremendous progress, in our opinion. He is autistic and Erica was patient beyond measure. We will try to do lessons again when we return later in the summer.

Maria, Mother Posted July 05, 2012

I would like to let you know that the first intensive session went very well for us. Xavier learned a lot. Coach Melissa is a great coach. We love her immediate feedback to the students. We only wish that she would teach the second session for angelfish.

Trevalyn, Mother Posted July 05, 2012

Ryan was the best intensive instructor. Nyla and I really enjoyed him. Ryan was very personal, patience, and calm with each child. We will definitely come back next summer.

Boby, Father Posted July 05, 2012

The first intensive was a great experience for my kids. They have learned a lot. My kids had the same instructor, Coach Erica. Now they are in the second intensive program.

Noemi, Mother Posted April 25, 2012

I enrolled my child into Sea Star's class, last June to September and she LOVES swimming. My daughter had fear of the water and my hopes were for her to learn the basic by the end of the summer. She cried that she wanted to countinue swimming classes and now that the summer is quickly approching she questioned be about going back. She really enjoyed her coach Nicole and she says that she misses her, It was just amazing to see the joy and excitement in her eyes is amazing in just 4 months!!! The second you walk in the door you are greeted by the office and the colorful atmosphere. Anyone that I talk to about classes I tell them to head to Sea Star. I can't say enough about this swim school, they have been nothing but fantastic!!THANK YOU SEA STAR!!!

Fatima, mom Posted April 20, 2012

My kid has been there for only 3 sessions once a week and her teacher Casey is excellent in motivating my 4 year old daughter . He makes her relax in the water.

Amulya D, Swim Mom Posted March 01, 2012

Great place for swim lessons. Nice warm pool and very friendly, experienced, and qualified Instructors. My daughter learned swimming here and my son is taking lessons now. We had a great experience so far, and looking forward to see my son progress in swimming. I'll recommend this swim school to all...... :)

Tracy Posted January 20, 2012

Great Place!

Caroline L Posted January 18, 2012

I enrolled my child into Sea Star's starfish class, meaning my child had a fear of the water. My son is 4 years old and had a huge fear of being in the swimming pool, and this summer my hope was to be able to go to the local community pool and know that my son was having a good time and most importantly safe! I enrolled my son in August and it is now November and he LOVES being in the water and going to swim class! I really get emotional seeing him run up to his coach and give her a hug, to see the joy and excitement in his eyes is amazing in just 4 months!!! I am a life long client now of Sea Star. The second you walk in the door you are greeted by the office and the colorful atmosphere is a perfect fit! Anyone that I talk to about classes I tell them to head to Sea Star. The YMCA is a joke, the ratio of student to teacher is HUGE and at Sea Star their classes max out at 4, if you are lucky you have an even smaller class for the same cost! I can't say enough about this swim school, they have been nothing but fantastic!!THANK YOU SEA STAR!!!

Angela B Posted January 18, 2012

My 3-year-old and 8-year-old took 2 sessions of the intensive classes. My 8-year-old needed to refine her skills since it had been a while since she had taken lessons in Beaumont. My daughter was given a swim test and Miss Christy placed her in the right class. My daughter loved her teachers and was promoted twice. I signed both my daughters up for a 3rd session. My expectations for my 3-year-old was just getting used to the water for fun so she would love being in the water. My 3-year-old loves the water and we're having her 4th birthday party there. Sea Star is a good place for young children because the deepest part of the pool is only about 4 1/2 feet, and where the children sit on the steps (obediently waiting their turn for the complete individual attention of their instructor) is about 6 inches deep. The shallowness of the pool allows the instructors to walk down the lane with each child during their turn. I plan on being in Houston again next summer and enrolling my two youngest daughters at Sea Star. My options in Beaumont are extremely limited and unpredictable. Sea Star, if you would just build a facility in the Golden Triangle, (Beaumont / Port Arthur / Orange, Texas) our 20,000 public school kids could grow up learning to swim and our numbers of drownings could decrease. I highly recommend Sea Star -- thanks for running a world class operation!

Annoymous Posted January 18, 2012

My 3 and a half year old daughter has been taking lessons since she turned 2. We started in a mom & me class and once she was ready to swim on her own, she graduated to a "big girl" class. Her teacher, is very knowledgable and did a great job making her feel comfortable without me in the water. Jennifer is now swimming completely on her own and loves the water. She will be 4 by next summer and we are considering placing her on our neighborhood swim team. Our son will be 6 months old by March and we will be starting him there soon. We love Sea Star!

Nicole Posted January 18, 2012

Sea Star is a wonderful place for a child to learn how to swim. As a former swim coach, I value the emphasis that Sea Star places on teaching the children water safety and awareness as well as basic swim skills. My son eagerly looks forward to swim class each week. He started Sea Star when he was 7 months old and in less than a year he has learned to kick underwater without support; blow bubbles; dive for rings; and float on his back. Not even 2 years old and he is a little fish and I credit it to the staff at Sea Star! The teachers are energetic, creative, and love being around kids and the facilities are spotless. I highly recommend Sea Star Swim School!

Opa Posted January 18, 2012

An excellent water-training school. My grandson began Sea Star at age 6 months and he has developed into a "water baby." He is now 20 months and has no fear of the water. Carver goes underwater with his eyes wide open and holding his breath. He scoops up the "ring" underwater and pops-up with a big grin on his face. When praised by the instructors, Carver claps his hands and smiles at everyone in the pool. Carver looks forward to playing the water games and loves interacting with the instructors, especially Heather. Carver comes from a family of accomplished swimmers, and we appreciate the water-training skills that Sea Star provides.

Lorin G Posted January 18, 2012

My children both started swimming at Sea Star over a year ago. We have been enrolled in lessons ever since. My daughter (5) has had 3 different teachers. She started with Kaitlyn who did a great job of teaching my daughter the basics of swimming - kicking, arms, breathing. Kaitlyn went away to college after the summer and we missed her very much, but my daughter was moved to Mr Ryan's class. It wasn't long until my daughter thought of Ryan as a big brother. She thinks he's very funny, and her father and I think he's a great swim teacher! He got her to learn how to swim freestyle very well in just a few months! Once this summer hit, we had to change to morning classes because my daughter enrolled in cooking camp every afternoon. She is now in Miss Erica's class and we absolutely LOVE her too! My son is very uncoordinated and has a hard time concentrating. We decided to put him in private lessons when groups weren't working out. It has made all the difference in the world! He can swim now!

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